LoveLight Healing

Healing. We hear it everywhere these days. But what is it, really?

Healing is the action of “restoring to original purity or integrity” (Meriem-Webster). We are born into this life having undergone a full tamquam tabula rasa, our memories of past lives deleted, our counter set to zero for us to be fully free to choose our path, within the circumstances we land in and the setting that’s been carefully prepared for us. To go along with it, and as a token of affection, we are given a body that, if we are fortunate, it will be squeaky clean and healthy.

Along the way, our fresh bodies will absorb the energetic charge of whatever emotions we go through inevitably and in perfect osmosis and, to make it more interesting, we might also manifest the residuals of unsolved issues carried from past lives. Never a dull moment!

From the beginning of our human time, we quickly realised it was necessary to come up with tools and practices to reinstate the original balance and learn what could have caused the illness in the first place. Physical trauma is easy to spot, but a lot was learnt through spiritual means, such as channelling, and other connection tools, about the source of other physical and emotional ailments. We were taught very early on how every imbalance is none other than the manifestation of unseen “forces”, that these can be worked with, and that we have the tools to do it, powerful ones.

From energy work techniques, like the power of Spiritual connection, to others like crystals, herbs, oils and ointments, mankind has constantly sought the knowledge that allows us to live longer and pain-free.

However, somewhere along the way, that precious knowledge was dichotomised: Spiritual connection was granted only to a few proteges of the powers that be through new religions as means of control, where only their priest and priestesses assigned by the rulers would have the privilege of “knowing” and, with time, the separation from true knowledge was not only removed from the population but made to be feared. To this day, most very open-minded people are afraid of what they can’t see with their physical eyes, fear that was stablished through their early learning, denying themselves ways of gaining health and happiness that are easy and pleasant to perform. On the other hand, herbalism became what we know today as our very powerful “big pharma” industry. In no way am I condemning allopathic medicine, it has been and still is, part of our learning and a tool to cure, but it has been in detriment of other healing means that today support and help to reach areas our conventional medicine simply can’t.

Spiritual healing is a precious tool that should be offered in hospitals for both physical and psychological healing, along with all tools available to help us when we need it. Still not very common, but there are hospitals, primarily in the US and Germany, that do offer Reiki and Spiritual Healing to support ongoing treatments for their patients. We need a lot more of it, as well performed energy work, by true and experienced channels, infuses our being with much needed Chi, or Universal energy, to lead us gently towards the best version of our life.

Healing is an act of love. Seeking Healing is an act of self-love. Channelling Healing for others is an act of profound love for others. During my sessions, I have witnessed on the other side, where I go in a deep meditational state, how Light is literally poured onto people, always in a loving way, so when I decided to “go public” with what I do, one of my guides suggested I call it LoveLight Healing. And that is what I have done.

I would love for your to try LoveLight Healing, it is an experience that will, for sure, improve your wellbeing and enhance your Spiritual sensitivity.



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