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LoveLight Healing
Healing requires a proactive approach from you, your determination to heal from past trauma, to balance your physical, emotional, mentals and etheric bodies and live a fulfilled life, no matter the circumstances, to boost your Ascension path, to grow and enhance your capabilities as pain free as possible.  Your intention is precious, so that each session you invest your time and resources in finetunes you into success, into a feeling of peace, satisfaction, and security. LoveLight healing is meant to allow you to finally feel the phrase “all is as it should be”, “all is good” as your own reality.

All my clients, without exception, relay one common thing after each session, regardless of their specific situations and ailments… they all say to feel deep, spiritual peace and feeling rejuvenated, “calmly energised”.

A higher degree of relaxation, an improved physical, emotional and mental balance as well as a higher spiritual connection are among the benefits my LoveLight sessions bring.

LoveLight Healing may also provide excellent results with animals, strongly contributing to their recovery and general wellbeing.  I have helped quite a few over the years, from my clients and charity work I do with rescues in underprivileged areas of our planet. BOOK HERE

LoveLight Group Healing & LoveLight Couples Healing
This session is designed to help a couple or a family, friends or work group to heal physical, emotional and spiritual issues.

For instance, it’s an excellent way to heal ancestral family karma, which manifests through hereditary illnesses, dramatic situations patterns, discordant relationships, etc.

Also, it is an opportunity to share the cost of a session for a group of friends when things are a bit tight but your needs for Healing remain the same.  BOOK HERE

LoveLight Coaching
A program is designed for your specific needs, combining LoveLight Healing sessions with guidance in your Ascension path, emphasising your spiritual learning and practice and action to transform your everyday life.  The structure is designed to support you while you heal and help you understand and see the possibilities ahead, in a happier and brighter light.

You are on the path to a new, healed, wiser and brighter you. BOOK HERE

LoveLight Clearing
The spaces we live and work in are literally melting pots of the energies emanating, over the years, from every person and situations that have taken place in them. More often than not, we have no clue as to what might have taken place before we occupied our house or our office, even before the structure itself was built.  

We underestimate the importance of having a clear and clean space for carrying out our daily routines, to accomplish goals, to feel light and healthy, to have good relationships with our co-workers and our families.

LoveLight Clearing is a program created exclusively for energy clearing.  Your home and/or work space will feel a happier and easier place to be in after the transformative LoveLight has filled every corner, the people and animals in them feel the transformation almost instantly. 




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