What I Do

LoveLight Healing. That is what I do.

Every living creature, is an electromagnetic being, vibrating in higher or lower frequencies. The air we breathe, the water we drink and bathe in, the food we eat, the music we listen to, the words that we speak, everything is energy, its expression holding different vibrations. And we are as much affected and influenced by them, as others are by the vibration we broadcast.

Life has a way of throwing curve balls at us way too often, it’s never smooth sailing for a long, if ever, right? Every one of those disruptive happenings accumulate in our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies, silently but inevitably storing lower vibrating energy in them and, over time, creating major imbalance. How many times have you not felt “off”, coinciding with family responsibilities, loneliness, relationship problems or stress at work? If, on top of that, we encounter major life events, we find ourselves lacking the emotional strength, the physical stamina and the mental clarity to face and process them. Moreover, are you aware of the energetic disruptions that you might be carrying through your many lifetimes? Or unresolved karma your family lineage? These disruptions in your energy system create illness and spiritual stagnation. They materialise in your life through repeating patters, in situations or type of people you bring into your life. The lack of energetic and spiritual balance keeps you walking your path in a fog, not really understanding why ¨things keep happening to you¨.

So, what do I do with all the above that is useful and rewarding for you? At the end of the day, you’re reading this because you want help and are seeking answers. Well, I offer you a framework for Spirit to work with you, to help you heal from ailments, reduce pain, reinstate a sense of inner peace and stability, for you to understand some of the root causes of the pain, to learn tried and tested self-healing practices and habits without having to do a whole course and, ultimately, to gain vitality and happiness. I put myself as a channel for LoveLight to come into your body and into your life.

I channel both Divine Light and life information from my Spirit Guides, yours, and other Divine entities, may these be Ascended Masters, your Higher Self, Angelic beings, and others. We are always surrounded by a multitude of non-physical beings, so your own spiritual entourage might decide how to go about the Healing too. Equally, I may be guided towards information pertaining to your Soul Path in the Akashic Records or given by your Higher Self: it depends on your healing needs and spiritual guides (mine and yours). Spirit knows exactly what is required and at what exact moment for someone to heal and grow. This information is meant to help you advance in your spiritual path and the first necessary step is healing. Progress starts manifesting and Mastery is a life-long path.

In the process, LoveLight Healing opens doors for your Spiritual awareness and connection to be restored, for your Spiritual life to grow in the context of your everyday earthy life, in both a grounded and divine manners.

Spirit is eager to help you, to nurture and guide you. I am a channel. The credit is all theirs.

Along with the sessions, you will receive guidance on basic life and spiritual hygiene, crystal and essential oil healing, use of sound tools, meditation and breathing and spiritual coaching. Everything I do is designed to help you heal, to find your inner answers, to live the best life you were meant to live.

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